Girls Trip to Lisbon

As I wasn’t going to spend three weeks of winter break alone in Ireland I booked myself a trip to Lisbon after having spent a couple of days in Dublin with my dad who came over for a visit. I asked Jodie, my best friend and wife, to join me but wasn’t expecting her to actually come along. I obviously underestimated her spontaneity. Continue reading “Girls Trip to Lisbon”


Goodbye France

Just a week later my mum came to visit! The whole household was in a bit of a chaos, but when wasn’t it? 😀 We had builders renovating the floors all throughout the house, which meant my mum couldn’t stay in the guest room as they had all of their material in there. She ended up staying in my room in my bed with me, which was fine, cause my bed was huuge.

IMG_4112On my day off Continue reading “Goodbye France”

Last weeks

Two months have passed since I spent my last day as an au pair in the south of France. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to blog, but I still want to summarize my last weeks in Antibes because none of my time there should be left out; I mean that’s what I created this blog for, to keep ALL of my memories from abroad in one place.

Lets start with the first weekend in April Continue reading “Last weeks”

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